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We Take Aim at Dirt & Stains

Research shows that cleaner workplaces improve employee productivity. Make your place of business more favorable for work with janitorial services from Advance Industrial Maintenance. We perform office cleaning, sanitizing, floor care, and much more to eliminate dirt and odors. All of the cleaning solutions we use are considered environmentally friendly, so they are safe for your entire staff. You never have to worry about anyone getting sick from strong chemical fumes.

Clean Floor Carpet in a Restaurant

Janitorial Services:

• Commercial Cleaning
• Porter Services
• Green Cleaning
• Window Cleaning

Floor Care:

• Stripping & Waxing
• Daily Scrubbing & Burnishing
• Hard Surface Floor Care
• Grout Cleaning
• Warehouse Floor Scrubbing
• Stone Honing & Polishing

Specialty Services:

• Construction Cleanups
• Sanitizing Programs
• Hot & Cold Power Washing
• Lighting Re-Lamping Services
• Emergency Services

Carpet & Upholstery Care:

• Truck Mount Carpet Services
• Upholstery Care
• Fabric Partition Cleaning
• Organic Cleaning

The Importance of Carpet Care

Industry research by the carpet manufacturers has shown that the majority of warranty claims are the result of poor or improper cleaning. Because the majority of these costly warranty issues are a result of poor or improper maintenance by the consumers, carpet mills are now requiring the consumer to follow specific requirements for cleaning and maintenance. Most consumers are not even aware of these requirements.